Buffalo, New York
Apirl 15, 2023
Saturday @ 3:00 p.m. - one session only!
$30 general admission
$20 students/seniors

Breaking Writer's Block
April 2023

Award-winning playwright, and screenwriter Jeff Goode - the creator of Disney's AMERICAN DRAGON: JAKE LONG and author of the international stage hit THE EIGHT: REINDEER MONOLOGUES - presents a crash course in crushing Writer's Block. Students will learn simple and practical approaches, techniques, and tricks-of-the-trade developed over 35 years as a writing professional across multiple disciplines.

Jeff Goode is a prolific Playwright, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Comedian and Poet with over 50 stage plays, musicals and children's shows to his name, (including THE EIGHT: Reindeer Monologues), and 25 years experience as a television screenwriter for both live action and animated series (including the pilots for MTV's UNDRESSED and Disney's AMERICAN DRAGON: JAKE LONG.) He is a founding member of the original No Shame Theatre in Iowa City and artistic director of No Shame Los Angeles and has written over 1000 sketch, shorts, monologues and 10-minute plays. His stage work has been performed in all 50 states and around the world.
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