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American Dragon: Jake Long

ADJL fan art

THE EIGHT: Reindeer Monologues

"Mrs. Claus in gold body paint and pasties, and an elf..." (1996) a rather disturbing image from Christopher Marobella
"Rudolph" (1996) by Christopher Marobella
"Paparazzi" (1998) by John Rivera-Resto. Mural / Scenic Design for the Cleveland Public Theatre production
"Santa's Top Deer Go Head-to-Head!" (2000) by Aaron Orear. Animated GIF
untitled (2002) Animated GIF [website graphic for Sandy Actors Theatre]
" Web Site" (2002) Web Design by E.E. Ewing.
[the Act Out Productions website (]
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" - Marc LeMay's music cues for the 2005 Birmingham Festival Theatre production.

Poona the F***dog and other plays for children

"Tour Poona's Tangly Forest". (1999) [tour1.swf][tour2.swf][tour3.swf]
by José Almador. (from the Open Circle Theater Web Site)
"Poona's L'il Movie". (1999) [mirror]
by José Almador. (from the Open Circle Theater Web Site)
"Poona's Back". (2000). Drawing. (from the Las Vegas Bugle News?)
"Come With A Child You Love" (2001) T-shirt design by Poop.

The Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs

"Burp". (c. 1996) by Jemal Diamond.
Animated GIF. (from PVM the Website)
"Slideshow Triptych" (c. 1996) by Jemal Diamond.
Animated GIFs (from PVM the Website)
"Collage" (c. 1996) by Jemal Diamond.
Photo collage from the Dolphinback production (from The Jemal Show)
"PVM the Website" (c. 1996) graphic design by Jemal Diamond.
Website logos for the (now-defunct) PVM the Website.

Jeff Goode, in general

"Rude Crude Goode" (c. 2006) Roanoke Times.
Roanoke Times "Inside Out" cover 3/23/06
"Collages" (c. 2007) by Karan Foxfang.

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