Major Works of Jeff Goode

[For a more complete listing of plays and screenplays, please consult the Play Catalogue or the unabridged index.]


Anger Box, 2003
Cosmetic Perjury, 2008
Don Quixote and the Black Knight, 2003
Dracula Rides Again, 1995
THE EIGHT: Reindeer Monologues, 1994
The Elf, 1987
The Emancipation of Alabaster McGill, 2011
Escape From Eldorado, 1990
Fursona Non Grata, 2011
Ham/thello, 2007
HKFN: The Abbreviated Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 2016
Larry and the Werewolf, 1995
Lesbian's Last Pizza, 1996
Love Loves a Pornographer, 2007
Marley's Ghost, 2003
Narcissus & Echo, 1992
Poona the Fuckdog and other plays for children, 1999
The Portrait of the Virgin Mary Feeding the Dinosaurs, 2004
Prague-nosis!, 2001
Princess Gray and the Black & White Knights, 1996
Ring Cycle! - The Musical, 1994
Romeo and Julius [Caesar], 2004
Rumpelstiltskin, 1990
Savin' Up for Saturday Night, 2009
Seven Santas, 2007
The UBU Plays, 1994
Witch Slap!, 2014
Xmas 2, 2013
Yes, Svetlana, There is a Grandfather Frost, 2009
Your Swash Is Unbuckled, 2008


American Dragon: Jake Long (Disney)
Fast Food Films (F/X)
Undressed (MTV)
Lalaloopsy (Nickelodeon / Netflix)
Tumble Leaf (Amazon)
Curious George (NBC Universal)
The Stinky & Dirty Show (Amazon)

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