by Nicole B. Adkins, Jeff Goode, Adam Hahn, Samantha Macher, Liz Shannon Miller, Dominic Mishler, Mike Rothschild & Dave Ulrich

[ISBN 978-1-62088-161-3]

The first book of plays from SkyPilot Playwrights Wing! One of L.A.'s edgiest theatre companies brings a modern spin to Aesop's classic yarns, as eight timeless fables get a 21st century reboot. Cupcake bullies, tween warriors, scheming cheerleaders and apocalyptic yellow butterfly people... Every tale takes an unexpected twist in this innovative offering!
  • Andy and Chrys by Nicole B. Adkins
  • Can't Forget by Liz Shannon Miller
  • Bats, Birds and Beasts by Dominic Mishler
  • The Lion and the Boar by Mike Rothschild
  • The Student and the Mathematician by Adam Hahn
  • Cheer Squad by Jeff Goode
  • The Raven and the Swan by Dave Ulrich
  • The Warrior's Belt by Samantha Macher
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