Bullying, Ink.

short plays about bullying

by Diana Burbano, Hillary DePiano, Jonathan Dorf, Julia Edwards, Jeff Goode, Neeley Gossett, Bradley Hayward, Arthur M. Jolly, Laura King, Hayley Lawson-Smith, Ellen Margolis, Daniel Rashid, Dylan Schifrin and Don Zolidis

Edited by Matt Buchanan and Jonathan Dorf

[ISBN 978-1-62088-666-3]

Performable Collection. Up to 150 minutes (very flexible). 4-25 females, 3-17 males, 8+ either (6-50+ performers possible). Suitable for advanced middle school performers and older, and middle school and older audiences.

This flexible collection of ten-minute plays of varying genres may be produced in any order (and with any plays left out).

YouthPLAYS enlisted fourteen playwrights ranging from established names to exciting newcomers to offer their theatrical insights on this serious problem facing today's teens. The result is Bullying, Ink. We'll navigate the dangerous waters of social media (Log Off), take a darkly comic look inside the heads of a trio of bullies (Bully Issues), and meet students who have always been the "other" (There Is No Down). We'll bear witness to the daily cycle of literal and figurative violence (A Loser Like You), one that can push young people to the ultimate breaking point (Cracked Sky). But we'll also see the power of hope (Pick Nick) and of people to come together (Her Reign). Join us for these and many more stories, as we laugh a little, perhaps cry a little, and hopefully think a little.

  • includes by Jeff Goode
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