Your Swash Is Unbuckled

Jeff Goode's anthology of eight short stage combat plays, featuring:

  • Lewd Loves of a Lusty Laundress
  • The Bawdy Brigandess
  • Gladiators Glorious
  • The Harlot & the Highwayman
  • Jolly Jack Junior: The Buccaneer's Bairn
  • Maids Made Men
  • Sir Simon's Second
  • The Amazon Ambassador
    These short plays about piracy, brigandry, and heartrobbery combine tongue-in-cheek wordplay with swashbuckling swordplay in stories revolving around buccaneers, damsels, gladiators, amazons and rapscallions of all shapes and sizes. This unique collection of playlets can be used to create a full night of entertainment, as well as in the classroom for teaching stage combat techniques. Of special note: these combat scenes contain roles for both male and female actors.
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    Your Swash Is Unbuckled, Book 2
    The further adventures of Cap'n Jack, Bridget of Bristol and Harriet Harlowe and the Harlot of Marlowe

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