Questions about "Prague-nosis!"

I'm looking forward to directing "Prague-Nosis", but I have one concern, the nude scene for Zing. I don't want the "Zing-Sling" to jar the audience out of the show. With your permission, I'd like to have Zing in a pair of purple bikini-briefs, with yellow tassels as trim. Let me know what you think, if you're absolutely tied to having Zing nude, so be it; he'll be nude.


All of the nudity in the various Dick Piston plays is meant to be flagrantly gratuitous, so I have no particular attachment to any of it beyond its sheer value as low-brow spectacle. I understand, however, that community standards may differ from place to place, and what is shocking or titillating to one audience may be patently illegal to another. So I leave it up to you to decide whether Zing's nudity should be full frontal, turned upstage, or tastefully cloaked in amusing undergarments. The same goes for the various women in "Prague-nosis" and "Cosmetic Perjury" (and elsewhere) who rip off their tops for no good reason. (Although I notice you haven't asked about any of them.)