New York Magazine - December 2005

For sheer novelty value, it's hard to top this C-grade remake of a Z-grade twenties exploitation flick that warns of the evil, mysterious wiles of Mormonism, now screening as part of the Pioneer's "Mormonsploitation" retrospective. As a film, it's often amateurish, which of course just enhances its pomo sleaziness.

Isoldi Keane, the top recruiter in all of Mormondom, is using his mesmeric powers to ensnare the young, delightful Nora Prescott in his evil web of passion, polygamy and pamphlets. Can Nora withstand Isoldi's wicked-sexy Mormon wiles? Will Isoldi marry Nora and take her to where the Great Salt Lake meets the Crystal Temple… or is something darker lurking in her future? Slavery! Polygamy! Death!!!