Haiku Song

by Jeff Goode & Jonathan Price

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      Audio cue for No Shame Theatre
      Jonathan Price, recorded vocals
      (live performer sings the missing lyrics)
  • Lyrics:

Come on, everybody! Let’s all Haiku!
You haiku for me, and I’ll haiku for you!
It’s the poesy sensation, that’s sweeping the nation…
     …of Japan!
So do the 5-7-5! You go, girl! You da man!

(Dance Break: Do the "5-7-5"!)

Listen up, you’re gonna need a line of poetry with

     Five syllables first.

                         You mean like this one?

     And then a set of seven

                         So maybe something like this.

     Five more and you’re done.

                         Stick a fork in me.

You see! You just haiku’ed, you poetical bastard!
It takes a minute to learn. And a minute to master!

     It’s easy as pie
     Come on and give it a try
     Let the haiku’s fly!

That’s it, you got it! You’re haikuing like a pro.
5-7-5 it one more time
before we drive you home.

     Five syllables first

                    The yellow bird sings

     And then a set of seven

                    It rocks the bars of its cage

     Five more and you’re done

                    Crazy fucking bird.