Find Our Way Home

music by Daniel Ingram
lyrics by Jeff Goode & Daniel Ingram

from We're Lalaloopsy
ep. 103 "Rosy Needs a Hug"

Find Our Way Home is a song featured on the episode "Rosy Needs a Hug" from the Netflix Series. It's sung by Storm E. Sky along with Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises when they are trapped in a hole (Literally).

The song is featured again in a flashback in the episode "Storm E Packs Her Bags" when Storm E tries to say goodbye to Rosy.

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      Paige Morgan & Arielle Tuliao, vocals

  • Lyrics:

      Sometimes you are stuck in a great big hole.
      all alone, no way out, nowhere to go.

      Down and out, and underground.
      Cause you're stuck at rock bottom,
      with no one around.

      You need someone to lend a hand,
      to take you back up,
      or to help you stand.

      A little push, a boost, or a lift.
      or someone what you can be stuck down here with

      So, you'll be my ladder,
      i'll be your stair.
      We'll reach from new heights,
      climb up anywhere.

      We will get up, and get out,
      Find our way home.

      Together we'll never be,
      stuck here alone.
      Together we'll never be,
      stuck here alone.

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