Pinch Me

by Jeff Goode & Jonathan Price

from Marley's Christmas

Jacob Marley awakes from an excruciating nightmare to find himself standing in an open grave in a cemetery outside of London. Or is he still dreaming?
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      Jonathan Price, piano
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      Cast Recording
      Unknown Theater, May 2006, Concert Reading

  • Lyrics:
What is this? Where am I?
How did I get here, and why?
In these clothes? In this place?
Am I dreaming?
Yes, I'm dreaming.
Surely dreaming.
Surely that must be the case.

For if not - if it's real
If this chilling that I feel
In my bones - up my spine
Is no fancy
Then I fancy
I may not be
Quite in my own perfect mind...

Won't somebody pinch me
Convince me
That I'm only dreaming
and this seeming nightmare
is just that - a nightmare
and I'm where I ought to be
Safe in my cot asleep
Soundly and snug in my bed.

For if not, then I take it
If I'm not mistaken
That I'm wide awake...
And I'm...