Ghosts in Shackles

by Jeff Goode & Jonathan Price

from Marley's Christmas

Marley is welcomed into the afterlife by a chorus of damnéd spirits.
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      Jonathan Price, piano
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      Cast Recording (not yet available)
      Unknown Theater, May 2006, Concert Reading

  • Lyrics:
Ghosts in shackles-and - ghosts in chains and
          Ghosts in prisons-they built
Ghosts em-burdened-with - blocks and stones and
          Some encumbered-by guilt
Ghosts in tatters-and - ghosts in shreds and
          Ghosts in tailor-made shoes
Ghosts of sinners-and - ghosts of saints and
          Some who couldn't-quite choose

Ghouls of var-i-ous sorts! - Leave their earthly-disports!
Cease their moaning-and Ghastly groaning-to Plead their moment-in court