All for You

by Jeff Goode & Jonathan Price

from Marley's Christmas

Young Ebenezer Scrooge and his beloved Belle, tragically separate, out of love
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      Jonathan Price, piano
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      Unknown Theater, May 2006, Concert Reading

  • Lyrics:
You have never said - and you would never say
Never in so many words - I should not stay.
But I have loved you well - and well enough to know
What remains unspoken in your heart ...says ...go

When our love was new - and when we two were young
How much happiness we shared with hearts as one
But now that youthful joy - it seems that we outgrew
How it grieves my heart now that our hearts ...are ...two

Someday I hope you'll see - all that I do
Each choice, and sacrifice - all is for you.
Someday I hope that you can understand
Knowing that always in all ways it all was for you...