Poona the Fuckdog and other plays for children

by Jeff Goode

---New York Times

"a bawdy comic romp!"
---LA Weekly

"a theatrical acid trip!"
---New City, Chicago

"smart, bold, and insightful...not to mention shit-yourself hysterical...

Two hours of theater magic that will go down in infamy. "
---The Stranger, Seattle

These outrageous "Fairy tales for Grown-ups" are not for the easily offended! Poona, our ingenuous heroine, meets up with aliens, talking shrubs, and mealy-mouthed salesmen in her quest to find someone to play in her big pink box. Nothing is sacred in this raucous assault on the power of language.

The play-with-music includes 4 musical numbers:

  • How TV Became King
  • The Tequila Song
  • If I Had a Time Machine
  • O Frabjous Day!
Company's producing the play can create their own original music or obtain the rights to existing music from previous productions:

    Trap Door Theatre
    Original Chicago Production
    January 1999

    original music by Seán Judge