The Song Book

(selections from the musicals)

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Merry Frikkin' Christmas (music by Jonathan Price) [1.9M]

From Marley's Christmas (music by Jonathan Price)

Christmas Christmas (not yet available)

Keep Your Spirits Handy (not yet available)

All For You (not yet available)

Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas (not yet available)

From American Dragon: Jake Long

The Hubba Hubba Hula (music by Jonathan Price)

From Larry and the Werewolf (music by Larrance Fingerhut)

Finale Song (3K)

From Narcissus & Echo (music by Larrance Fingerhut)

When Will the Flowers Be For Me? (15K)

Love Me Tonight (15K)

Echo's Tango (Tango for One) (21K)

From Ring Cycle! The Musical (music by Larrance Fingerhut)

Das Rheingold (original cabaret recording)

Die Walküre (original cabaret recording)

Siegfried (original cabaret recording)

Götterdämmerung (original cabaret recording)

From Elephans (music by Larrance Fingerhut)

I Am Only Me

Poke You With A Stick

From In Real Life (music by Larrance Fingerhut)

In Real Life (Someday I'm gonna be a fireman...) (12K)

King For a Day (12K)

I Don't Wanna Grow Up And Be Just Like My Father (8K)

Chicago Song (17K)

You Don't Know What's Out There (12K)

In Real Life (reprise) (12K)

Other Sound files:

Theme from "Prague-nosis" (Jeremy French, composer) from the Theatre Vertigo production [1.7M]

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