The Reviews Are In!!

Well, the first reviews are in, and here's what critics have to say about the JeffNet: you are really really really really fuckingalrightcoolbaitfunk. I just had my first Jeffnet experience. I did fun activities (sent mail to isi), did some reading, touched the "do not press" button. Looked at upcoming events. very cool. I am stoned and laughing hear me laugh i laugh oh yes i do. I hung out with the black crowes tonight. The lead singer gave me mushrooms. Whoa.

you are my god

I thought that would get your attention. i really love your work it is some of the funniest ,material i have ever read. it's such a great experience to finnally find a writer who doesn't just write heartwarming goody goody plays. i love cynics. I would like to know where I can get a script for The Eighjt Reindeer monologues . when I read Dasher's mono. i was rolling on the floor. You are one twisted individual. I'm am now deeply and completely in love with you I have constructed a shrine in your honor to which i pay homage every night before i remove my clothing and howl at the moon. Im am now going to stalk you. I thought i'd give you advance warning in writing to avoid any legal problems later. Thank you for making me laugh that's not something many people can do. your humble servant forever, [name withheld]


Well...I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the Hollywood Sign Adventure Picture Show.

Not only did you capture a U.F.O. in your pictures...but maybe that deer wasn't really a deer? Big Foot? Sasquach? Yeti? Chris Farley?

I visited your page, and really, really dig your writing.

God you make me laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed you birthday photo essay. I'll have to see what else the Jeffnet has to offer someday soon. Take care and get off that damn insidious crack!!!

Youre quite impressive and goodlooking too!

I'm responding to your little comment page. First, don't ever print anything I've written. Second, are those for real? Third, did you respond to any - like the chick who's in love with you?

I am an actress in Chicago and I frequently try to look up interesting monologues on the web, and I absolutely love your stuff. The spiderman monologue is sooooooo funny and I love the "too direct" I would definitely have to grow some balls to use that one in an audition. Just wanted to tell you how much fun I had reading your stuff.

So, if you've enjoyed your JeffNet experience. Or if you're just stoned. Drop us a virtual line at: And maybe you'll see your name withheld up in lights.

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