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2 the Ranting Gryphon - Ranting Gryphon Studios

Lia Abbate - What would Lubitsch do?

Julia Alty - Alty Art

Tina Anderman - Full Frontal Comedy

Jim Anzide - Our Door Is Open

Michael Agnew - GTC Dramatic Dialogues

Dr. Regina M. Benjamin - Speakers On Heathcare

Billy The Mime

John Bliss - Your Weekly Reader

R. Scott Boots - Health Cares Exchange Initiative

Julia Carpenter

Avy Claire

A.J. Catoline - Hazardous Media

Craig Chesler

Colleen Coover

Deb Danziger

Jemal Diamond - The Jemal Show

Lisa Dickey - Ghost Writer / Book Doctor

Jeremy Dobrish - Jeremy's Green Room

James Erwin - Footnotes to History

Jeff Favre - jeff @ the house

Erin Fiedler - photography

Larrance Fingerhut - Improv Acadia

C. Andrew Garrison - Actor Training Studio

Megan Gogerty - wordsmith

Mike Goode - Mike Rowave

Ezzat Goushegir - Iranian Woman Writer and Playwright

Michael Grodner - Director

Eric Haugen - Light Techniques, Inc.

Roy Herron

Carolyn Space Jacobson

Herb Kane - Critic Doctor

Joshua James - Daily Dojo

Lichen June

John Kaufmann

Lyah Beth LeFlore

Michael Moran - The Satyr Page

Annaliese Moyer - Stage Right Performance Photography

Lee Moyer - Design & Illustration

Brett Neveu - LittleScripts

Sonya Nimri - Sonya Style

Craig Ouellette - The Closer She Gets

Emile Pandolfi

Jeffrey Parsons - IGC & Associates

Jonathan Price - composer

Dede Reznick Ginsberg - Dede's Doodles

Jimmy Rhoades - Video Reverend

Mike Root

Laurie Sanderson - Dottie Hope

Bradford Schultze - Rescue Mutts

Jennifer Shepard - Improv Acadia

Nikki Stone - Podium Enterprises

Ingrid Sundberg - Sundberg Studio

Todd Ristau - Third Eye Over Iowa

Dinah Steward

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