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by Jeff Goode & Jonathan Price

a musical whodunnit sex farce based on the classic nursery rhyme

copyright © 1991

At the funeral of Cock Robin, a fight breaks out among the mourners about the handling of Cock's murder investigation. At the urging of nearby audience members they decide to reenact Cock Robin's last days to uncover the truth.

In their play, the role of Cock Robin is played by his best friend Sparrow. The role of Sparrow is played by the foolish, but good-hearted Linnetbird. Linnetbird is played by Mr. or Mrs. Wren (it's so hard to tell them apart). The Wrens by Cock's beloved Ms. Dove. And Ms. Dove by an unsuspecting member of the audience.

Who Killed Cock Robin is a theatrical moebius strip. As the prime suspects tell the story of Cock Robin's murder, a paradoxical detective story emerges in which a pair of love triangles and several cases of mistaken identity lead the suspects to accuse themselves of the murder.

But somehow in the end justice is served. And miscarried.

Cast Size: 2m, 2f
Running Time: 45-60 min (11 songs)


The Unusual Cabaret - Bar Harbor, Maine
opened August 1st, 1991

directed by Jeff Goode
music direction by
Larrance Fingerhut

CAST: Michael Graziano ........ (Sparrow / COCK) Johnny Kaufmann ......... (Linnetbird / SPARROW) Cheryl Snodgrass ........ (Wren / LINNETBIRD) Gina Kaufmann ........... (Dove / WREN)