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The Extremely True
      and Not-At-All-Made-Up
                  story of

      Saint George & the Dragon

(as told to a minstrel, a sheep and a 10-year old girl)

by Jeff Goode & Jonathan Price

copyright © 2013
Finalist for the 2013 North Cambridge Family Opera Proposal Competition

A new family opera inspired by the absolutely true legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

A luckless knight returns empty-handed from the Crusades, expecting to go down in history as "The Guy Who Didn't Get the Grail". But when he stumbles upon a peculiar village populated entirely by sheep, he hears rumors of a dreadful dragon, and a damsel in need of saving, which could be the key to saving the knight's reputation as well.

Cast Size: 50+
Running Time: 90 minutes

finalist for the

Family Opera Proposal Competition
Demo track #1

"Welcome, Fair Traveler!"
Demo track #2

"The Sheep Dance"