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Lear's Labour's Lost

a new play by William Shakespeare

& Jeff Goode

copyright © 2009
Finalist for HotInk 2008 at NYU
Lear's Labour's Lost is published by Baker's Plays.

Shakespeare's bloodiest comedy, a romantic tale of parricide and sibling treachery.

The third in Jeff Goode's series of Shakespeare fusion scripts, which intertwine the texts of Shakespeare's extant plays to create new works of classic theatre with original and unexpected storylines that give us a fresh perspective on the genius of the Bard.

King Lear divides his kingdom and swears off women in hopes of spending more time with his books - but when the untimely visit of the Princess of France inspires Lear's fellow scholars to fall in love with his three beauteous daughters, the courtly romance that ensues could tear the nation apart.

Cast Size: 6 men, 6 women
Running Time: 2 hours
Tempers flare and tempests fly, as Lear dismantles the dating scene in Shakespeare's bloodiest comedy.