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by Jeff Goode & Larrance Fingerhut

copyright © 1992
Narcissus & Echo is published by Original Works.
Best Men's Stage Monologues of 1997 (Smith & Kraus)

"I know I'm a nymph and I'm supposed to be insatiable, but, woof, canned vegetables?"

A romping, risque musical version of the Greek and Roman myths.

The story of the ill-fated love of Narcissus and Echo takes an unusual twist when Narcissus is duped by the devilish love-god Cupid into believing he is a Lesbian. In the fiercely heterosexual world of the philandering Zeus and his nymphs, Narcissus is forced to struggle with the thorny questions of his own sexuality, even as he fends off the amorous advances of the lusty Hera, the nymphomaniac Daphne, his true love Echo and the insatiable shapeshifting Zeus himself.

...But is Narcissus man enough to resist the feminine wiles of his own seductive reflection?

Running Time: 90-120 minutes
Cast Size: 3 m, 3 f, 1 can of olives

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Narcissus & Echo is published by Original Works

Song Book Selections from the music can be found in the Song Book

Excerpts from Narcissus & Echo are published in: The Best Men's Stage Monologues of 1997 (Smith and Kraus)

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