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"The play the BUSH administration DID NOT WANT YOU TO SEE!!"


and other plays for children

by Jeff Goode

copyright © 1999
"You know I'm totally taking my kid" ---Orange County Weekly
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Suzy-Suzy Cyber-ssassin (from Poona) was a finalist for the 2000 Heideman Award (Actors Theatre of Louisville)
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Poona is published by Original Works.
Best Men's Stage Monologues of 1998 (Smith & Kraus)

These outrageous "Fairy tales for Grown-ups" are not for the easily offended! Poona, our ingenuous heroine, meets up with aliens, talking shrubs, and mealy-mouthed salesmen in her quest to find someone to play in her big pink box. Nothing is sacred in this raucous assault on the power of language.
Cast Size: 8-17 (depends on doubling)
Running Time: 90-120 minutes

The play the Bush Administration did not want you to see!
    "Bitten by the Fuckdog" - Chicago Reader (9/24/04)
    "Curtains" - Willamette Week (10/20/04 - cover story)
    "Dispiriting Journey" - American Theatre Web (10/20/04)
    "Too risqué for Bush's NEA" - The Advocate (10/27/04)
    "The White House vs. Poona the Fuckdog" - The Stranger (10/28/04)

"Oh no, that would be explicit and inappropriate, and my federal funding prevents me from doing anything that might be educational or helpful to you later in life. But if you'd like a sandwich. Or a copy of the New Testament?"

CRITICS can't stop yapping about about Poona:


Poetry (about Poona found on the internet)

Poona the Fuckdog is available on videotape from StageDirect

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