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by Jeff Goode & Jonathan Price

copyright © 2009
Rumpelstiltskin is published by Baker's Plays.

"You and I, we are kindred spirits. Our souls called out to each other from across the void, and now at last we are together. Two people from different worlds, together in their aloneness, but alone happy in their togetherness. What more do I need to say: You, me, the moon, the stars, a room full of hay..."

A gnome's-eye view of the classic fairy tale. Opportunistic humans exploit a philanthropic gnome who spins straw into gold.
Cast Size: 2m, 2f
Running Time: 60 minutes

Production History

Selections from the 1990 original cast recording can be found in the Music Library

A perusal copy of the 1990 dinner theatre script can be found in the Reading Room