"Scenescapes" - Pantheatrics Production Company - 2003

Video Excerpts from the Columbus production

[Theresa Flais]
"God knows she's a bitch, he don't care if you say it."
"You could be a rapist or a murderer, as long as you've got Jesus in your heart."
"...and we're having hamburger."
[Courtney Decosky]
"Carol Anne's a little bitch..."
"You didn't talk to God..."
Cupid, Demigod of Love
[Dale Gregory]
"Mind if I smoke?"
"This guy doesn't look like a chemist."
Prelude to Pizza
[Isaac Nippert]
"This guy looked like he could really use a root beer."
"You'd think I was a door-to-door salesman for Jehovah's Witness."

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