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Los Angeles, California
January 20, 2018
SkyPilot Runway
(Arena Theatre)
1625 N Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, California 90028
Saturday @ 8:00 p.m. - one night only - reading!

Saturday night- come for a FREE reading of a new play by SkyPilot Theatre Company! The play is Fursona Non Grata By Jeff Goode! It is at 8pm at:
Theatre of Arts 1625 N Las Palmas Los Angeles 90028.
Lot parking is $15, but with theatre validation, you get $10 back if you're there LESS than 3 hours! (which should be no problem for the reading)
Come and have some fun with us!!

SkyPilot Runway presents:

directed by James Carey

The cast will include Mary Burkin, Jude Evans, Kelly Goodman, Brittany Hoagland, Stephen Juhl, Ian Nemser, Marie Pettit, Morris Schorr, Arden Haywood Smalls, and Laura Walker.
We will be having our company meeting / Meet and Greet January 20th at 6:30 pm at the Theatre of Art on Las Palmas. Our new Artistic Director, James Carey will be there to meet all of you. We also will be presenting our first Runway of the year at 8:00 pm. James will be directing the reading of Fursona Non Grata by Jeff Goode. If you are interested in participating let me know ASAP. There will be approximately 3 rehearsals prior to the performance. If you need to read the play it is under files on our yahoo group page.
Happy holidays!!

We would love to read Fusona for our first runway of the year. Would that be something you would be interested in? I can give you all the details. Should be a lot of fun. Let me know.


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SOURCE: email from Shelby 12/29/17