North Hollywood, California
October 6, 2011
MonoSlam: A Monologue Competition

11246 Magnolia Blvd.

Thursday at 8:00 p.m.


SAVED BY THE BELL - Written and performed by Patricia Chambers.
SOME DAYS - Written and performed by Thomas Crawford.
BORN TO SWIM ALONE - Written by Linda Rand. Performed by Susan C. Hunter.
CRAZY WOMAN - Written and performed by Sharyn Michele.
MENDING - Written by Art Shulman. Performed by Meia Carr. Directed by Diana Frank.
NICOLE - Written by Mark Harvey Levine. Performed by Thomas S. Nielsen.


WHY ME - Written by Roy Battocchio. Performed by Rebecca Hall.
MELISSA - Written and performed by Melissa Gilleece. Directed by David Coolidge.
UNDERWATER LOAN SHARK - Written by Jeff Goode. Performed by Bob Rusch.
INVISIBLE DEATH - Written and performed by Scott Guy.
FOR WHOM THE SPEED DATING BELL TOLLS - Written by Thomas Misuraca. Performed by Mark Kunz.