Drama Club Dinner Theater '99

The Proctor Drama Club presents its 3rd annual Dinner Theatre, Thursday, 18 November 1999. After a tasty, hot Italian Buffet at 6.00pm, students will present a selection of eight scenes of comedy and drama, beginning at 7.30pm.

The scenes that will be presented inculde:

The Audition, or Guilty in a Court of Love by Jeff Goode, a humorous encounter of two roomates who show up to an audition with the same monologue.

Death Club - Ladies Auxiliary by Stephanie Griffin, about two senior citizens who make regular visits to funeral parlours.

Fly Me to the Moon by Jocelyn Beard, a funny scene that occurs when an American nd a Russian movie producer meet at a crazy Italian Bed and Breakfast.

Vladivostok Blues by Jocelyn Beard, concerns the pandemonium that occurs hen the worlds most famous Spanish soap opera strt is kidnapped in one of the former USSR's more unusual places.

The Confirmation by Kier Peters, illustrates the sometimes outrageous conversations that one can have when memory becomes "a bit spotty."

Play it Again Sam by Woody Allen, as always, Allen's neurotic humour keeps the audiences laughing.

Song of Bearnadette by Jean and Walter Kerr, shows how even the most unlikely people can affect great things.

The Happy Time an amusing glance at the coming of age of a young French Canadian.

Musical Selections will include works by the Artist(formerely known as Prince), Jimmy Buffet, Carlos Sanatna and The Beach Boys. Admission for dinner and the show is $12.00. Latecomers may see just the show at 7.30pm, for $5.00. All tickets are sold in advance by members of the cast, or Mr. Valentini, our Director/Choreographer. The evening will unfold in the Old Boys Gym.