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Department of Theatre
Kansas City, Missouri
March 5, 1990

directed by Jeff Goode

Dead Panther
The VoiceTodd Stall
CageKyle Mowry
#3Brenda Mason
#4Rebecca Manring
Mike Chris Clarke

Cupid, Demigod of Love
CupidKyle Mowry

ArtCorp America
Man #1Todd Stall
Man #2Jeff Goode
Man #3Sean Marlow
Man #4Kyle Mowry
Man #5 Chris Clarke
Man #6Jerry

Waiting On Godot
by Michael K. Wells,
Jeff Goode, Sheela Kangal,
& Frank Ensenberger
OberlinDan Ruch
PenelopeCarla Noack
GodotSean Marlow
Cook Chris Clarke

Bob the Plant
by Michael K. Wells
The BoyDavid Ollington

Mayor McCheese
StorytellerJeff Goode

The Office
Boss Chris Clarke
SecondKyle Mowry
MessengerSean Marlow


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