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University of Missouri at Columbia - Columbia, Missouri
(NOTE TO SELF: it is actually much more likely that this was a class in the spring of 2005, since the request for permission came on probably the last day of classes in December 2004. But it's also possible the request was belated)

Chaos Theory Theatre Workshop

Hi! My name's Adrianne Adderley, and I wanted to ask about getting permission to perform your short play, "Lewd Loves of a Lusty Laundress." It would be a production for the MU (University of Missouri-Columbia) Chaos Theory Theatre Workshop, not a full-on show; no production budget, student actors, and free admission (usually it's only other theatre dept. folks who come to watch Chaos). I'm interested in "Laundress" mostly because of the terrific comic fight possibilities, although the witty/turgid language is also a joy.
Please let me know how to proceed, and thanks for your time.
Adrianne Adderley

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