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Theatre Conspiracy - Fort Myers, Florida
December 17th-20th, 1998

Theatre Conspiracy presents
"A Goode Evening"
Lesbian's Last Pizza
plus: What Will Happen Next???, Eat Your Cheerios, Jesus, Moses Impression, Girls Aren't Funny, and the world premiere of Prelude to Pizza

at the Foulds Theatre (Lee County Alliance of The Arts)
10091 McGregor Boulevard

Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8:00 pm
Sunday at 2:00 pm
call (941) 936-3239 for tickets and information

What Will Happen Next???
Lauren Drexler, Lisa Marie, Bill Taylor

Eat your Cheerios Jesus
Kathy Grey and David Utz

The Pizza Guy
Nick Grey

The Moses Impression
Gene Krupp

Girls Aren't Funny
Lauren Drexler and Lisa Marie

Lesbian's Last Pizza
Karen Goldberg


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