Piccolo Spoleto Festival / No Shame Theatre - Charleston, South Carolina
May 28th - June 12th, 2004
Theatre Series at College of Charleston
Chapel Theatre
172 Calhoun Street, Downtown Charleston

Every night at 10:30 p.m.
(no performance on June 2nd)

May 28th through June 6th...Jeff in Charleston!

With performances of... So All Alone, Movie Reviews (with Mike Rothschild), Anger Box, Fairy Tale for Boy and Girl, Doglover, Haiku Song (with Jonathan Price), Snyx the Dragon, Fucking Satan, This Rock, Muse, The Spider-Man Monologue, Every American's a Critic, Card Trick (with Nelson Oliver), Godburger, Buteonine, Nantucket

Category: Theatre
Series: Piccolo Circus Della Frangia
No Shame Theatre is a place where you can take risks and dare to fail, a place where fear of failure will not keep you from trying to succeed. It's a place where something fresh out of your mind can be shared with an audience. It's theatre in a truck-or at least that's how it started. A low budget, low tech environment that's had performances under street lights, in courtyards, lobbies, parks, bars, churches and even on real theatre stages. On any given night you might see a poem, a dance piece, a puppet show, a monologue, mime routine, stand-up comedy, song, improvisation, jugglers and a magic act-all followed by a delightful ditty on a hand saw. A kind of "open mic" for the theatre with only three basic rules-that the work be original, less than 5 minutes long and not break any laws. No Shame is different from other theatres because anyone can walk in the door on the first night and participate in any way they choose.


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