Las Vegas Weekly - September 22-28, 2005


By Steve Bornfeld 

Though hardly cost-effective (10 smackers for 45 minutes) and far from the rugged drama on which this program once relied (Bash, The Blue Room, Mud), LVLT's Insomniac Project: Late-Night Confessions at least throws us a party, handing out smiles, giggles and laughs like they were streamers, noisemakers and silly hats. A collection of short-shorts directed by Robert Cox and John Randall, they fly by with good-natured outrageousness, the best penned by irreverent stylist Jeff Goode:

John Wennstrom plays an aging, overweight Spider-Man looking back nostalgically, and vaguely dismayed at the state of contemporary superheroes; Eat Your Cheerios, Jesus goes anti-biblical with an exasperated, Hispanic Virgin Mary in a housecoat (Angie Morales) scolding the Savior (Ryan Juncker), then kvetching, "I said to stay away from that Judas boy, he's no good. Does he listen?"; and in the vaudevillian, swords-and-skin finale, a goof on Cinderella, fetching and funny Lori Kay plays the sister in servitude whose fantasy studs (pick sides: the pirate? the prince?) arrive on her doorstep—shirtless, flexing wildly, sabers up—to do comic battle over her.

At least it's a carrot stick to munch on when a theatergoers' banquet goes bust.

(3 stars), through September 25, LVLT.