copyright © 2002 Jeff Goode


by Jeff Goode

Penis/Pussy by Jeff Goode (copyright © 2002)
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Somebody explain this to me, because
Here's what I don't understand.


I mean, say you've got a penis, right?
Or a pussy.
Doesn't it make sense that you would want some pussy?
Or a penis?
But then these people have to go and do exactly the opposite!

I mean, you've already got a penis.
Or you've got a pussy. Whatever.
Why would you want a penis??
Or a pussy, if that's what you've got.
You wouldn't! You'd want a pussy. It's only natural.
Or a penis if that's what's natural for you.
But you wouldn't just go and intentionally do the opposite of whichever you would normally do.
It wouldn't make sense.

You stick with what you know.
I have a penis, that's what I'm going to stick with.
I don't have a pussy. That's fine, I don't want a pussy. Why would I?
If you ladies like 'em, you can keep 'em as far as I'm concerned.
Just give me a penis and I'm happy.
Anything else is just wrong.
That's not the way God intended it.

Because that's another thing I will never understand.
The people who want the opposite of what they have.
What do you call that?
Like if you've got a penis, but you want a pussy.
Or you're born with a pussy, but you're not gonna be happy till you have a penis.

There's a word for that.
It's not "homosexual" But it might as well be.
If you ask me, any man who thinks he wants a pussy is no better than a homosexual.
They're exactly the same in my book.

I'll never understand that. I'll never understand wanting a pussy instead of a penis.
I mean someone explain that to me. Please.
'Cause that's what I don't understand