Your Swash is Unbuckled II

by Jeff Goode

copyright © 2010
Preliminary copies of scenes from the new collection of stage combat plays, which combine tongue-in-cheek wordplay with swashbuckling swordplay in short tales of piracy, brigandry, and heartrobbery for buccaneers, damsels and rapscallions of all ilks.


The Legends of Robin Hood & Little John
(2M 1F)
Gladiatrix Gossip
Flouncy's Fancy
Mutiny on the Booty
(1M 1F)
The School of Diplomacy
My Conquistador
Don Juan's Wantons
(2F 1M)
The Prince in the Poppies
(1M 1F)
The Harlot and the Hypocrite
(1M 1F)
Arc's Angels
(2F 2M)
Latoit's Lesson
(1M 1F)
Cave Squabble

copyright © 2010 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED