Love Me Tonight
by Jeff Goode & Larrance Fingerhut
copyright © 1992


There's someone for everybody.
That's just destiny.
Somewhere is a man whose every touch will
bring me ecstacy.
Whose lips electrify and thrill me,
whose fond embrace will almost kill me, oh-oh
But what can I do
till then?

I wanted the stars and the moon,
But not if I can't have them soon.

Love me tonite or leave me forever
I'm tellin' you, boy, I'm not tryin' to be clever
Just give me your all, and I'll give you the change...
(Careful, honey, I don't wanna burn you.)

Some day, they say, my Prince will come
If I just wait and pray.
I could. But tell me where's the fun
In patience and delay?
The thought of him is so frustrating
Why is True Love procrastinating, oh-oh
But what can I do
till then?

Take me tonite or miss me forever
[I'm] tellin' you, honey, it's now or it's never
You gotta love me like no other man...
(or some other man will just have to do)

When Prince Charming arrives you won't have to remind me
I've already succumb to his power.
But till then I'm not one to leave pleasures behind me
Locked in my ivory tower.
The Man of my Dreams will know where he can find me:
I'm out with the Man of the Hour.

Love me tonite or lose me forever.
Relations like this, boy, you don't want to sever.
I'm so tired of waiting to meet Mr Right...
Respect me tomorrow, but love me tonight!

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