Adventures in Paris

In celebration of my recent birthday... I decided to leave the country for the first time!


(Well, if you don't count that time in Tijuana.)

(Which you don't.)

So I taught myself Freedomese, and hopped a plane to... Paris!

No, not Paris, Texas.

Paris, Freedomia! ...The City of Love! The City of Pomme Frites!

(That's what they call Freedom Fries in the Land of the Free! Quirky, huh?)
I spent six jours and six nuits ambling about the City by the Seine.

I even adventured onto the subway - which they call a "Metro" - where I saw some real live French subway theatre!

Home movie of Subway "art"

I was fortunate to be in France for Armistice Day - which is a national holiday.

(Weird thing about the French : They seem to like it when wars are over.)

(Like I said, quirky.)

They close off the Champs Elysée and throw themselves a big parade down to the Arc de Triomphe with bunches of soldiers on horseback, just like they used in World War II!

Home movie of Armstice Day parade

I was also very lucky to be in Paris during the "riots"!

Not so lucky was my poor mother who had to sit home and wait for me to return to cell phone range. I sent her a postcard every day to reassure her:

Jeff torments his pauvre mère

And then I came home!

Oh, sure, there were croissants and fromage and cabarets and towers and cathedrals and museums and drag queens and hit men and terrible, terrible coffee.

But that's a story for another time.

Maybe two other times...

...Bon nuit!