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I am a huge fan of American Dragon Jake Long. There has been many rumors saying that there will not be a third season. Is this true? But the show is a huge success people are watching it all over the world, and I saw on that it is the most popular of all the Disney Channel shows. I have found the "Save American Dragon: Jake Long Petition", there are over a thousand people on it including me that want this show to continue, and have seen "Keep Jake On The Air" videos on! Please don't let it end at episode 52! Let there be another season!

I am pleased that you enjoy the show. The decision to produce new episodes is, of course, strictly a Disney Channel prerogative. Technically, no show is ever cancelled at the Disney Channel because they can always decide to bring back any of their series for more episodes.

American Dragon is not in production at the moment, because the extra-long second season (31 episodes) has finally wrapped, and some of those episodes are still airing, so the Disney Channel is in no rush to order more.

There is plenty of time for them to relax and see if the ratings continue to hold up, and decide at a later date if they should produce a third or a fourth season.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do to make sure you get to see more of American Dragon is to write (or email) the Disney Channel and let them know your opinion!

And, of course, keep watching. The Disney Channel isn't going to cancel its most-watched show.