American Dragon

American Dragon: Jake Long

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Jeff Goode

No offense, Simply put, your cartoon is blatantly racist. An American would never have a chinese last name. "American" Dragon? The chinese invented the dragon. You might as well have said European Dragon. No half chinese half american would say that much street slang. Next time, why don't you study Chinese society instead of assuming you know about it. And just so you know, dragons in china are actually more passive. You might want to look European Dragon up again. Just because you know the character for "dragon" in mandarin, does not mean you know how to use it. It doesn't make you cool either. What is this about the "korean" dragon? Man you are dumb. Check their zodiac. Once again, this cartoon is blatantly racist and definitely needs some attention if you don't want to mess with the PRC. I hope you know what the PRC stands for.