American Dragon

American Dragon: Jake Long

Frequently Asked Questions

Created by
Jeff Goode

Why did you cancel the show?

Obviously, I would never cancel the show. The series was designed to be able to run forever, with ongoing story lines about Jake and even Haley as they learn more about their dragon powers and the magical world they have become a part of. Not to mention the histories of other young dragons in countries around the world who we've only seen in glimpses at meetings of the Dragon Council.

It was always the intention to run the animated series for as long as the Disney Channel would care to, while continuing to developing the show into a live-action film series.

However, it is ultimately up to the Disney Channel to decide whether to run a show on their network, and while the favorites of the viewers are always high on their list, there are also many other considerations they have to keep in mind, which may not be immediately obvious to the fans, such as production costs, or counter-programming with other series.