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Fast Food Films takes little-known, lesser-known, and completely unknown B-movies, and cuts them down to 6 minutes long so we can show 3 of 'em in a half an hour.

Written by
Rob Dames
Lenny Ripps
Mark Banker
Robert Bradley
Jonathan Goldstein
Jeff Goode
Michael Grodner
Bradford Schultze

Episode Guide

101 - (original air date 3/6/99)
Best Little Girl in the World (with Jennifer Jason Leigh)
A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

102 - (original air date 3/13/99)
Blue Grass (with Cheryl Ladd)Mister Ted
Jack-OThe Wonderful
Head of the FamilyDoomsday Death Feud

103 - (original air date 3/20/99)
Teenage Catgirls in Heat

104 - (original air date 3/27/99)
The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (with John Travolta) How to Grow a
Caged HeartsFelicity Goes to
Capture of Bigfoot
20 second TV spot

105 - (original air date 7/27/99)
David Copperfield
Blood Sucking Freaks
Satan's Sadists

106 - (original air date 4/3/99)
James at 15
Different Strokes
Twisted Justice

107 - (original air date 4/10/99)
The Girl Who Came Gift Wrapped (with Karen Valentine & Farrah Fawcett)
Surf Nazis Must Die
Desert Blues

108 - (original air date 7/20/99)
Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil (with Tony Randall)
Dead Dudes in the House

109 - (original air date 8/3/99)
Love Thy Neighbor (with John Ritter & Penny Marshall)
Dark Side of Midnight

Too Good To Be True
Beware, Children at Play
Fowl Kill

111 - (original air date 10/25/99)
Satan's School for Girls (with Kate Jackson)
Cave Girl Island
Blood Hook

Honor Thy Father
Tomcat Angels
Fortress of Amerikkka

Her Life As A Man
Doll Squad

114 - (original air date 7/26/99)
Like Normal People (with Shawn Cassidy)
Boiler Room

Mark of Zorro
Tunnels (with Catherine Bach)
Phantom Town

116 - (original air date 9/7/99)
Sin of Innocence (with Dermot Mulroney)
G.I. Executioner
Scream, Baby, Scream

117 - (original air date 12/20/99)
Downpayment On Murder
Worm Eaters
Dance Or Die

118 - (original air date 8/17/99)
Kentucky Woman (with Cheryl Ladd)
Love Thrill Murders
Wizards of the Demon Sword

Adventures of Robin Hood
Slave Girls From Beyond
Zarkorr the Invader

120 - (original air date 8/24/99)
Masterpiece of Murder (with Bob Hope & Don Ameche)
They Call Me Macho Woman
Blood Orgy of the She Devils

121 - (original air date 8/31/99)
Madonna: Lost Innocence
Elke's Erotic Nights

122 - (original air date 9/28/99)
Raiders from Outer Space
Beyond the Door II
Teenage Space Vampires

The Hollywood Reporter - March 3, 1999

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