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The tirals, tribulations and triumphs of students at the famed performing arts school

For certain students in New York, the school day is longer than usual – yet only half is taken up with typical academic study. The other half of the day is spent studying their ‘chosen disciplines’. At La Guardia in New York, striving to be famous is more important than anything else. This school was both the basis and the set for its classic celluloid incarnation – Fame. In fact, the film even featured a few of the teachers who still work there.

Attending La Guardia could be the key to attaining a life of fame and fortune – former pupils include Jennifer Anniston, Suzanne Vega and Al Pacino – but the going is certainly tough. New York High introduces us to some of the passionate students who attend La Guardia and takes us along for the ride when they go through the inevitable highs and lows such a highly pressurised environment breeds.

Producer/Director Amanda Jenks
A Granada Media Childrens production for Channel 4, 2000


A 17-year-old drama major who recently got a part in an independent short film playing the role of a Holocaust victim and had to shave off his huge afro hair.

A dancer with big dreams of becoming a star. Adrian performs ballet every day, but his dream is to make hip-hop an art form. He has his own performing group, “Amount Boyz”.

The Assistant Director of the senior end-of-year play, Eliza often sits on the rooftop of her Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park, singing and playing the guitar.

At 15, Ray is one of the youngest students. A drama student and ‘live wire’ – he is already well on his way to becoming a big star. Last year he had the lead in a film that won best picture at Sundance.

Fuyu & Paul
Music majors who perform in a fantastic band called “Stand Pipe Siamese”. They are desparate to be rock stars and have already travelled to Japan to support a big Japanese band, “Rude Bones”.