The pilot scripts by Jill Cargerman, Jeff Goode and Dan Kopelman were effectively the same as those used for episode 1-3 (and part of 4) of the first season.
Originally, the three stories were set in different parts of the country. It was only when characters began to crossover into other storylines during the first season, (such as Katie's little brother playing strip poker with Rory's best friend in episode 5) that it was determined that all of the characters on Undressed had to live in California.
"The Van"
by Jeff Goode
Rory ... Nathan Watt
Jana ... Holly Towne
"Batteries Not Included"
by Jill Cargerman
Gina ... Kimberly McCullough
Kiki ... Stephanie Dicker
"Look What the Kate Dragged In"
by Dan Kopelman
Katie .... Ele Keats
Dave ..... Keith Bogart
Ollie .... Jan Schweiterman


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