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A daily half-hour late-night soap opera from acclaimed director Roland Joffé, Undressed is a behind-closed-doors peek at the intricacies of modern relationships. Each episode focuses on three fictional couples/groups and what happens in their most intimate moments.


Not getting enough action before you go to bed? Undressed will definitely be changing that! This season is sure to titillate your senses--so tune in!
2000 GLAAD Media Award Nominee - Outstanding Drama Series
2001 GLAAD Media Award Nominee - Outstanding Drama Series
2002 POP Award - Outstanding Original Series
2003 GLAAD Media Award Winner - Outstanding Daily Drama

Season 1: [Episode Guide] [Cast and Credits]
Season 2: [Episode Guide] [Cast and Credits]
Season 3: [Episode Guide] [Cast and Credits]
Season 4: [Episode Guide] [Cast and Credits]
Season 5: [Episode Guide] [Cast and Credits]
Season 6: [Episode Guide] [Cast and Credits]

What do you have in common with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? An unhealthy obsession with Undressed, of course!

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