Zodiac Zoo

     Spoofer couldn’t believe someone would try to kill him. He had been walking to his house after going to the movie with Darby. Whoever did it would be sorry. Nobody shoots at the top rank police sheep dog. His friend Proto the protoceratop was laying on the floor of his special recreation room when Spoofer came in. Proto new from the look in Spoofer’s eye they had to gather the other police animals immediately.
     Spoofer set off after his girlfriend Darby a dalmation and his friend Scotty the Scottish terrier.
     Meanwhile Proto headed for the streets to find the reformed alley cat Scratch, who was so tough that before he met Spoofer he thought he could handle any dog, cat, or human he met (he was right too). After Scratch he picked up Hoppy and his brother Snap the rabbits (Spoofer once saved Hoppy from a dog race).
     The animals gathered in their secrete meeting place to try and figure out who was after Spoofer.
     They were all thinking when a stone came crashing through the stained glass window, hit Darby’s antique lamp, knocked the big picture off the wall which fell on Snap and knocked him out.
     Hoppy picked up the note tied to the rock and read it: If I didn’t hit that rabbit my arm is going bad. Signed, a fish fan.
     Now Spoofer knew who was after him and his friends. They were the most fiendish criminals that ever lived. And since the best anticrime group was all animals (Spoofer and Friends), so were the worst criminals in history. They called themselves the Zodiac Zoo. The one who threw the rock through the window was the present commander Pisces Panda. His assistants, Libra Leopard and Saggitarius Squirrel probably thought up the idea of getting rid of Spoofer and his friends so they and the other nine members of the Zodiac Zoo could start an endless crime wave in Spoofersville (It was once Petersburg but Spoofer became such a hero there that his friend policeman Johnson suggested to the police chief to name the town after Spoofer and the chief suggested it to the mayor and all the people voted and the idea won).

by Jeff Goode
(age 8)